The idea of having an
arranged marriage
strikes everyone at least once
in a lifetime. You might not even go for an arranged marriages
setup, but still, you think about it. Don’t you? And when you
do, one of the first questions that pop into your head is
What kind of first night do an arranged marriage
couple have? Is it…awkward?!
” Well, what’s better than
having that question answered by people who’ve been in the
situation? It seems ludicrous to tie the knot with someone you
barely know, but what happens at the wedding is what really got
you thin. How awkward must it be to lay with a stranger you
don’t love yet?

Read on to know the answers why first night is awkward in
arranged marriages:

1. The one who believes trust is of utmost importance

First Night at arranged marriages

Gaining her trust is important. Marriage is a very complicated
relationship yet the most beautiful. Emotional attachment is
more important than Physical attachment. Apart from being
physical, if both are familiar with each other then sure things
will be fine. The first night is already tiresome because of
all the function and stuff but still, they can talk and then
sleep cuddling each other. The couple can talk or share
incidences or can sleep altogether. It might be little awkward
but hey, they have to spend rest of their life together.

2. The one who believes comfort is everything

first night in arranged marriages

The thing is, it takes the time to get to know your spouse
before sleeping with them. So the first night is more of
talking. Maybe have sex after one month of your marriage, when
you’re both comfortable.

3. The one who summed it up in two sentences

first night in arranged marriages

It all depends on how much time you’ve had between the
engagement and the marriage. If you have enough time to get to
know each other, it won’t get awkward.

4. It Does Not Change Your Identity

first night in arranged marriages

Society tries to catalog a woman based on how much s3x she does
or doesn’t have, in very black and white terms. Don’t buy into
that. You haven’t had s3x before; you’re having s3x now.
Nothing has changed about you at your core.

5. It Also Might Be Awesome (WHO KNOWS!).

first night in arranged marriages

Low expectations are one thing, but don’t go into this dreading
The thing surprised by was what an incredibly bonding
experience it There should be something really special about
having just experienced such a momentous public life event
surrounded by our friends and family, and then undertaking a
similarly momentous but very intimate life event between just
the two It just felt very close to It was a totally unexpected
but amazing benefit to waiting to have sex until the wedding

6. Talk About FAMILIES During.

first night in arranged marriages

“It can take some time to figure out how to ask, how to gently
turn your partner down, how to communicate about families it
took both by surprise that they didn’t feel for opposite
families, and learning to talk about it took time.”


first night in arranged marriages

Don’t freak out about Doing. You’re just being with your
partner, enjoying your partner, doing stuff with your partner.
That’s way less intimidating, yeah?

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