For most of us, Disney movies were fun distractions our parents
plunked us in front of so they could do the laundry without
screaming homunculi getting in their way. But for a select
group of people, Disney characters played a crucial role in the
development of their sexuality. Like a hot babysitter who was
also a giant mouse.

And look, we’re not going to judge how you live and achieve
orgasm, but we can’t help but point out that the erotic Dirty
Disney fan works have some extremely,
uh, colourful trends going on — yes, even for
an erotic fan art community.

1. The Bad Guy From The Hunchback Of Notre
 Is A Gentle Lover

Remember Frollo? The mother-murdering, terrible-stepfathering,
and all-around douchenozzle villain of The Hunchback Of
Notre Dame
? Well, some artists saw that and said, “Now
there’s a guy who’s probably a sweet, supple, and generous
sex-maker.” If you’re having trouble imagining that, then don’t
worry, because they didn’t. Here is a great(dirty) fan work…

dirty disney fan works

“Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” — Your Eyes


This seems like your standard pairing between a
sexually-repressed religious fanatic and a free-spirited Romani
girl half his age …

dirty disney fan worksIn this version of the
movie, there’s no meddling hunchback, and “Quasimodo” is his
nickname for his erection.


2. The Rescuers Have Fucked Pretty Much

dirty disney artsThe Down-low Under. See?

Ah, Jake and Timon from The Lion King together
at last! We have to question whether the dimensions here are
accurate, though. Also, note that Jake’s wearing a diaper, for
reasons we don’t want to explore.

3. The Donkey Transformation Scene
In Pinocchio Is The Hottest Thing

dirty disney worksSilver lining(?): This
isn’t a picture of Gepetto doing Monstro.


Pinocchio came out in 1940, so either your
grandma’s getting into some weird shit at her “Bridge Club,” or
a few kids took much, much more away from the movie than the
“lying is bad” moral the rest of us absorbed.

4. Everyone Wants To Fuck The Snake From The
Jungle Book

dirty disney artsEh, still better
than The Cleveland Show.


Wait, is this a sex thing? Because Kaa’s
finishing up who we can only assume is a pissed-off Meg
Griffin, which kind of kills any romantic vibe a sentient snake
hypnotizing three innocent women otherwise had. But in other
images, his victims are giving Kaa their finest bedroom eyes.
Disney does have some serious dirty fan works…

5. Tinker Bell Trapped In A Keyhole Is A Common

dirty disney artsYeah, that’s the same
face we have.


Spanked Tinker Bell, other girls as Tinker Bell … you name a
fetish, and we guarantee that it’s been applied to this

6. There’s So Much Ratigan

dirty disney arts“Unfortunately on my
old account this picture was taken down, and I’m guessing it’s
because of the fluids. So here’s the censored image.”
— Actual Artist Quote


Ratigan also finds the time to rape his archrival Basil, the
eponymous Great Mouse Detective. We’re also reasonably sure
we’re not misinterpreting those, since they all come from a
DeviantArt user named “Basil Ratigan Rape,” whose fan works are
so goddamn upsetting that it must not tarnish an otherwise
respectable user name, like DemonSw0rdNJ69.

7. The Little Mermaid Loves Making Out With

dirty disney arts“Actually, it’s cool. I’m
a bear.”


Baloo from The Jungle Book appears to be
squarely in the mythical “friend zone” …

8. Lady And The Tramp Have A Varied Sex

dirty disney arts


If Lady And The Tramp are your first exposure
to the concept of romantic love, you’re inevitably going to
filter your desires and experiences through that early model.
It’s like how every time we learn about a new fetish, we
imagine our grandparents doing it that time we accidentally
walked in on them. But seeing Lady pregnant …

9. Found sexy does… kidnapped?

dirty disney arts


By now, you’re probably thinking the same thing we are: “Wait,
which one was Bianca again? The Eastern European one? What were
her skills?” One was role play, obviously.

10. Are You The Lost Little One?

dirty disney artsOr wet-dreamed, to be


But that still leaves us with many, many questions. Why are so
many Photoshopped real women serving as Kaa’s victims? How
did something as innocent and straightforward as “Kaa wants to
eat a feral child” become a sex thing? And is there a single
cartoon lady out there who hasn’t fallen victim?

11. Fifty Shades Of Disney

dirty disney artsSebastian and Flounder
are also in the Eric/Ariel pic.


Who wants a bath like that? and what about some aerial stuff?

12. Fifty Shades Of Disney, Part 2

dirty disney arts


You thought Dirty Disney fan works are limited to freestyle?
Well, think again… This is what happens behind the scenes of
Aladin when you turn off your TV.

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