Mostly the sex scenes in movies aren’t actually real. We just
see actors pretending to take pleasure in those activities. But
there are exceptions. There have been a handful of movies that
have taken it to the extreme. These movies weren’t
pornographic, but still, the sex scenes that they consisted of,
were real.

Sex scenes in movies


So, let’s find out which are those extremely adventurous
movies, where the actors went off limits.

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These Are The Movies In Which The Sex Scenes Were Real!


1. 9 Songs

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Directed by Michael Winterbottom, this 2004 British art
romantic drama film was controversial due to the real sex
scenes between actor Kieran O’Brian and Margo Stilley.


2. Love

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This French drama film that revolves around a school student
had unsimulated sex scenes between the actors.


3. Caligula

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Caligula might be considered a pornographic film by some, but
due to the presence of well known Hollywood actors like Peter
O’Toole and Helen Mirren, it can be called a regular movie as
well. The movie featured various real sex scenes that were
added into it post-production.


4. Shortbus

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Shortbus is one of the most popular movies on this list. This
2006 comedy centers around certain happening in an artsy sexual
salon situated in Brooklyn. The sex scenes in this
well-directed movie are depicted to be real.


5. The Brown Bunny

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This 2003 flick caught widespread attention due to the oral sex
scene between Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny.


6. The Idiots

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In the 1998 drama comedy, the sex scenes are mostly simulated,
but there’s one scene which features actual sex enacted by porn
industry stand ins.


7. Crusing

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This Al Pacino starrer originally featured footage of actual
gay sex, which was later mostly cut out in order to achieve an
R rating.


8. Intimacy

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Intimacy is a well known British mainstream movie released in
2001 that features real sex scenes between the lead actors. The
movie even was awarded as the Best Film at Berlin Film


9. Pola X

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This 1999 French romantic drama is about a young novelist who
meets a woman that claims to be to his lost sister, the two
afterward begin a romantic relationship that leads to some
unsimulated sex scenes. Step aside, Game of Thrones!


10. Gift

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Gift was one of the first Danish mainstream movies to feature
unsimulated sex scenes between the actors. This 1966 drama is
also known as Venom in the United States.


11. Satan’s Baby Doll

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The hardcore version of this Mario Bianchi film includes scenes
of real intercourse performed by the actors themselves.


12. Otto; Or Up With Dead People

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This 2008 zombie film features plenty of erotic sex scenes
which were apparently real. Your love for sex and zombies will
definitely lure you in to watch this one.

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