Hollywood is known for having oddest couples and the ones we
have listed here are surely the oddest couples of all time.
These couples are too weird for each other and some of the
relationships didn’t even last too long. The Hollywood stars do
their best to hide their personal lives from us but it’s a fact
that they cannot hide anything from the public. The bigger the
star you are, the lesser is your privacy. In this article, we
have listed some oddest couples of all time and they are quite
famous too.

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Here are the 12 oddest couples of Hollywood. Have a look!

1. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito

Bradley Cooper married Jennifer in 2006, and the couple
divorced in 2007. Bradley then started dating Renée

oddest couples in hollywood

2. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears

I’m sure all of us remember the disaster that was Kevin
Federline and Britney Spears’ marriage. The couple even had a
reality TV series called Britney & Kevin:

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3. Shia LaBeouf and Rihanna

Shia LaBeouf dated Rihanna in 2007, but he told Playboy
“the spark wasn’t there.”

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4. Russell Simmons and Hana Nitsche

Russell dated German supermodel Hana Nitsche in 2012, and then
after a few months of their relationship, the couple broke up
in 2013.

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5. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

Drew Barrymore and comedian Tom Green were once married.
They got married in July 2001, and Tom filed for divorce in
December of that year.

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6. Moby and Natalie Portman

This couple dated each other for a very short period of time in

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7. Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson

The couple got married in 1994 and got divorced two years

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8. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Everything about this marriage was screamed publicity stunt
until she divorced him.

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9. Mila Kunis and
Macaulay Culkin

The home alone kid and Mila Kunis dated for 8 years before
breaking up.

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10. Katy Perry and
Russell Brand

People still don’t know what Katy saw
in British comedian Brand, but after her 2010 marriage fell
apart she got right back up standing her ground at the Grammys.

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11. Emma Stone and
Kieran Culkin

After sharing screen romance in
“Paper Man” the couple broke up in 2010. 

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12. Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison

In a very May-December romance, Courtney married Doug, then 51,
and when she was only 16 years old.

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Did you have any idea about these oddest couples of Hollywood?
Some of the couples just dated for few months and then broke up
and few marriages are still going well.

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