What is the worst thing you’ve done while you were a kid? Well,
I’ve done some pretty unimaginable stuff. But reading these
stories, I feel like I wasn’t even close. These gross stories
will actually make you think twice before you plan on having

Here are 12 gross stories that’ll give you all the

1. It’s kinda like a “been there done that

“I used to eat nail clippings from my fingers AND toes for
a long time, and skin peelings. SOMETIMES I SWALLOW THEM.”

– Jess Cook via Facebook

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2. I’d say he grew up to be a food lover!

“I used to eat the spilled popcorn off the movie theatre
floor. I was all sneaky about it too, crouching on the floor
like Gollum, noshing on sticky, stale, popcorn.”

– Kirsten Matzen Rinehart via Facebook

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3. The mother probably didn’t understand whether to
laugh or cry. 😛

“My mom always tells me that when I was a toddler, I was
really bad about splashing and playing in the toilet. She says
that anytime someone would leave that bathroom door open I
would go in there, dip a washcloth in the toilet and proceed to
wipe down everything my little toddler arms could reach with
dirty toilet water. My mom was a serious clean freak and
apparently, I was just trying to clean like she did.”

– Terri Koski Smith via Facebook

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4. Well, the only replacement needed is body lotion and
that’s me.

“I thought it would be a clever idea to use Vaseline as
hair gel, only I didn’t stop there. I decided to rub Vaseline
over my entire head and completely saturate my hair. I started
to panic when it wasn’t washing out. I had to wash my hair with
dish soap for two weeks to help cut the grease.”

– Melanie Cisneros via Facebook

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5. Okay, this has all the right as far as gross stories
go. The poor painter.

“Apparently my mum once found me drawing pictures on the
pavement with a stick. The only thing was that I’d done a poo
in my knickers, turned it out onto the floor and that’s what I
was using to make the picture with!”

– jennajoant

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6. We all have had that bird saving phase, didn’t

“When I was five or six I watched the
movie Thumbelina. Remember the part where she nurses the
bird back to health? Well, I found a dead bird and put it in a
jacket pocket because I wanted to make it all better again. My
mom found the decaying bird a couple of weeks later…”

– ashleybarrettu

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7. I don’t think I was this gross!

“I would poop on a stick and chase my sister and best
friend around the neighborhood with it. Sad, but true. Worth
the reaction though.”

– kathryn9300

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8. Did you want to be a carpenter buddy?

“When I was little and I wore night nappies I would poo in
them, take them off and wipe the poo on my bedroom

– leahm4e0992ac5

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9. Now, that is just seriously gross!

“I used to clean out my ear wax with the corner of my
pillow case at bedtime. By the time the pillow cases were
washed, there would be multiple brownish spots left by the wax
all over the fabric. My mom got so furious when she discovered
what those spots were!”

– ellenpdx

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10. I was fond of sucking my toe as well. :’)

“When I was in the first years of primary school, instead
of sucking my thumb like a normal child, I preferred to suck on
my big toes. At home, I would sit on the floor, suck on them
for a short while and then move on.”

– reikoko

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11. Mr. Strong Immunity.

“I used to pick used chewing gum off random surfaces and
chew it. Pavements, under desks at school, bus stops… how I
didn’t end up with all kinds of diseases I’ll never know!”

– amyf450d7d32d

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12. Of all the gross stories I hate this one to the

“I used to eat dead flies. They would drown in the
condensation on my window and I would just sit there eating
them. I stopped it thankfully but I never found out why I did
it. I probably don’t want to!”

– daniellec4f6bc201e

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