You mean the world to me!’ Aww, the sweetest confession of love
ever but no, no! That is not for another human being. Oh
please, the one I love is above all pesky humans. You already
are way too familiar with the crush of my lifetime (the title
gave it away, huh)- CHOCOLATE, my one true love!! And some of
you, okay ALL of you would rather marry that melting wonder.

Here are the signs which prove chocolate is the true love, the
one you have romantic dreams about:

1. Share my chocolates? Tell me you’re kidding! No?
*shoots in the head*

Such sentences when spoken can be injurious to the speaker’s

true lovevia

2. “So what do you want for your birthday?” Chocolates

It is the only proof of love after all *dreamy eyed*

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3. And in fact, you lose all sanity when you do find
them in your gifts.

Best gift ever!

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4. “I am on a diet, I have to follow a prescribed
diet sheet, I can’t eat… wait, is that

*Throws the diet sheet out of the window*

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5. Unwraps chocolate. Pops it in, and BAM! Instant
heavenly gratification!

Is this love? I think it is! You found that rare true love! How

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6. I am sleepy, chocolates would wake me up! It is a
perfect stress-buster. I am happy, let’s celebrate with

“I am breathing, wow! Give me THAT damn piece of chocolate

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7. Your answer to ‘When do you prefer to eat
chocolates?’ Every. Single. Moment.


true lovevia

8. You have a superpower- to finish hordes of chocolate
boxes all by yourself.

“Gotta get’em all!”

true lovevia

9. Your dustbin looks like the land of

To be precise, chocolate wrappers.

true lovevia

10. “Why isn’t this wall made of chocolates?!”
And if it had been up to you, wearing chocolates would be the
latest trend.

Brown is the new black.

true lovevia

11. Gold, diamonds? Nah! You are proud of your
overflowing treasury of chocolates.

“My babies!”

true lovevia

12. And now that you read it all, you are itching to
jump onto that very stash of yours.

Off you go!

Chocolate lovevia

Chocolates and you, true love it is, no doubts there!

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