Justin Bieber is a pop star and he’ll probably go down in
history as one of the most iconic musicians. And with his kind
of lifestyle, one is bound to be with a lot of glamorous women.
Here are some of those who Justin has been with.

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1. Caitlin Beadles. 

Justin Bieber women


Caitlyn and Justin Bieber met at a church in Atlanta in 2007.
They broke up in 2009 when Bieber’s career was taking off
because she did not want to be in the spotlight. They are
friends to this day and are known to hang out from time to

2. Mandy Rain. 

Justin Bieber womenvia 

Mandy met Justin Bieber on the sets of School
lz. She was even featured in Justin’s As Long
As You Love Me’
s music video.

3. Jasmine V. 

Justin Bieber women

Remember the girl who was featured in Justin’s debut song
Baby? Yep, that’s her. Beibs sure dated a lot of women
back then too.

4. Kristen Rodeheaver. 

Justin Bieber women

Rodeheaver also appeared in JB’s music video for One
and she is the first girlfriend he met from his music

5. Miley Cyrus. 

Justin Bieber women

Rumour has it that Justin and Miley had a steamy hookup while
he was taking a break from Selena in 2012.

6. Selena Gomez. 

Justin Bieber womenvia

Perhaps the one that got away from Beibs. Of all the women
Justin has dated, Selena was the most significant one. She and
Justin have been together on and off for years.

7. Barbara Palvin. 

Justin Bieber women

Some fans argue that she was the reason behind Justin and
Selena’s split.

8. Jacque Rae Pyles.

Justin Bieber women

May women came into Justin Bieber’s life for a very short
period of time and Jacque Rae was one of them. They met in 2013
and were spotted together in Vegas attending a boxing match.

9. Cailin Russo. 

Justin Bieber women

Justin has dated many women but Cailin was perhaps the one who
caused the most uproar. She starred in Justin’s
All That Matters’ music
video and was dubbed Justin’s kissing girl by JB’s fans.

10. Tatiana Neeves.

Justin Bieber womenvia 

She posted a creepy video of Justin sleeping in his bed in
2013. That’s enough proof right of a one night stand right?

11. Chantel Jeffries. 

Justin Bieber women

Chantel was riding shotgun when Justin Bieber was drag racing
in his Lamborghini. Must have been quite an exciting

12. Adriana Lima. 

Justin Bieber women

Of all the women Justin Bieber has slept with, Adriana Lima can
be deemed the most glamorous one yet. The Victoria’s Secret
model met Justin at the 67th annual film festival in Cannes.

13. Alyssa Arce. 

Justin Bieber women

Justin Bieber has even dated playmates and Alyssa Arce is one
of them. Both Alyssa and Justin were spotted cozying up on a
private yacht by the paparazzi.

14. Yovanna Ventura. 

Justin Bieber womenvia 

Justin Bieber’s on an off hookup Yovanna was spotted with
Justin just after his breakup with Selena in 2014.

15. Ashley Moore. 

Justin Bieber women

Justin Bieber was spotted smooching Ashley Moore by paparazzi
which sparked rumours that they were hooking up.

16. Kendal Jenner. 

Justin Bieber womenvia 

Kendall was present at Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast and
had some serious fire about Justin’s penis thrown her

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