There are good pickup lines and there are these shady pickup
lines. Pick up lines do not have much effect on girls be it
the best or the worst. The worst ones just give them a
pleasure to wince at. Pickup lines are just sophomoric, lame,
and immature especially the shady pickup lines. Trying to
impress a girl with shady pickup lines is generally a stupid
idea and gets brutally burned by the other.

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And Best Pickup Lines Of All Times That You Won’t Believe Are

We have searched the net for some shady pickup lines for you
that were brutally burned by the other person. These are
surely going to make you laugh till your cheeks hurt!

1.We see what you did there. Even with no chairs
around this is never going to happen!

Shady Pickup Lines That Got Brutally Burnedvia

2.This is the best response I have even seen.
She nailed it totally!

Shady Pickup Lines That Got Brutally Burnedvia

3.She is clearly not interested in having a
conversation with you!

4.You said you didn’t care so now you can’t complain
about it!

Shady Pickup Lines That Got Brutally Burnedvia

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