ALERT: Leaked Email Shows Who’s REALLY Running The Democrat Party


If she’s elected, Hillary Clinton won’t be the one running the show. Not really.

The WikiLeaks emails show that the real puppet-master for Clinton and the country’s Leftists is George Soros, the liberal, globalist billionaire “philanthropist” who has his fingers – and his organizations – in all facets of politics around the globe.

The website American Lookout analyzed the WikiLeaks emails and discovered no fewer than 56 separate emails showing collusion between the mainstream media, Soros and the Clinton campaign.

Soros was directly mentioned many times right in the subject like of the emails, like the screengrab below:

Far from just a do-good billionaire, Soros is working to create a Leftist, socialist state much like Europe.

Some of the “fingers” Soros has in American society:

There are many more examples of how Soros is really the one pulling the strings of the American left.

And if Hillary Clinton gets in, he’ll be pulling all the strings.

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