BREAKING: Harry Reid will get FIRED for What He Just Told Donald Trump!


Wow, Democrats sure must be getting desperate if this is the kind of $hit they are pulling!


Earlier today, Senate minority Leader Harry Reid actually held a press conference just to FAT SHAME Donald Trump.

WHAT?! Are you freaking serious?

First of all, welcome to America Senator Reid. The whole country has a weight problem and eats fast food. Hell, I know people in their 90’s who live on McDonalds!

Second, take a look at Hillary. That woman is by no means skinny and fit! Maybe Senator Reid’s eyesight is just failing in his old age.

Third, where in the Sam Hell do Liberals get off with this whole Fat Shaming thing when they are the ones constantly B*TCHING about people being too mean?!

This is just sad. What’s even more sad is that this is Hillary Clinton’s new strategy. She had her campaign manager say that Trump would be the “Heaviest president since William Taft.” (The Gateway Pundit)

FACT CHECK – William Taft was 6ft and 330lbs when he was elected. Donald Trump is 6’3″ and 230 lbs. 3 inches taller and 100lbs lighter is a pretty HUGE difference.

So take you liberal criticisms and general mental weakness elsewhere, Democrats. We patriots are smart enough to see through your $hit pile. That’s why together we will share this all over Facebook so people can know how bad that party REALLY is.

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