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Trump will bring down the lying mainstream media and he needs your help to be able to do it. He tricked them into holding a 30 minute press conference with coverage of America’s top military heroes praising Trump.


CNN just got played so bad. Trump held a press conference today to talk about his birther movement and he tricked the media into instead covering veterans talking positively about him.



Trump needs to get a THANK YOU in the comments for forcing the stupid mainstream media to report on real issues.

Then he dropped this truth bomb on them and they will not make it back. #BOYCOTT the mainstream media!

Trump just tricked the media into covering him positively. He should not have to trick them like this. No more CNN! No more MSNBC! No more crooked media!

Let’s take them down right now. Let’s bring them down! They need ratings to continue making money. If every single, patriots share this post we can take them down.

Before you share this, please go out on Facebook and comment ‘NO MORE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!’

They are liars and should be not paid attention to. Thank you and God Bless. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

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