Donald Trump and the art of getting it done

President-elect Donald Trump is already getting so much done so seamlessly that he’s conveying the attitude of Reese Witherspoon’s character, Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde,” when she informs a skeptic that she’s been admitted to Harvard Law School: “What, like it’s hard?”


We have been told over and over again — by the bipartisan ruling class that protected its power by shrouding issues and process in mystery — that certain problems were simply too vexing to solve. They struggled with them every day, they said, but they were intractable. We’d just have to live with the status quo, they warned, and woe be to those who tried to change it.


They also told us that globalization is an irreversible trend, that it’s therefore impossible to rescue manufacturing jobs, that the economy and the world are in a certain order and that only the foolish or naive would seek to overturn it.


Then Mr. Trump arrived on the scene.


For a new hire who doesn’t start work for another six weeks, he has been a whirling dervish of decision-making, deal-making and status quo-busting.


The man hasn’t even clocked in yet, and he’s already saving American jobs, reassuring allies, striking fear and anxiety in our enemies and standing for freedom and free enterprise.

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