In theater watching movie and no jumbo bucket of popped
corn….!!!! ahhh… NO way!!! Hard to imagine.

Movie and popcorn are like an ancestral ritual which we can not
let go.

Popcorn was extremely popular in mid-1800’s, especially in
fairs and carnivals. Small vendors used to sell them  and
make a huge profit since the snack was affordable enough for
everyone to buy when the first steam-powered popcorn maker
was created in 1885. Although popcorn was not at all
entertained being noisily chomped at in theaters, because
before talkies, literacy was necessary for movie-goers, as the
theater artists wanted to focus on the well educated crowd.

popcorn in theater


Although till 1947, movies were no longer associated with
“sophisticated” literate audience and everyone could enjoy

Early theaters
were not equipped to handle popcorn machines
and thus, independent vendors grabbed the opportunity and sold
popcorn outside the theaters thus making a double profit from
the movie goers and passerby. Soon vendors could sell popcorn
inside theater lobby in exchange for a small fee. A Large mass
of people bought this since this snack was budget friendly – 5
to 10 cents per jumbo packet and thus perfectly suited every

popcorn in theater

Soon theater owners began to cut out the vendors and began
producing and selling the popcorn themselves for more profit
since the snack was in high demand. The owners began to use
several tactics for the huge sale of delicious snack, and even
one of the owner lowered the price of a movie ticket in his
theater in order for the food to sell.

During World War II popcorn hit the huge sale mark, as the
sugar was sent off to military and there was no sugar for the
production of candies and soda. Since there was no such
shortage of salt or corn, the snack became a huge popularity
and continues till date. It is indeed a perfect snack to munch

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