God Strikes Again: What Trump Did Today Will Make Every Christian Vote Trump!


Trump is not the biggest Christian between the politicians, but he respects a lot the Christians and he would like to protect them and help them.

And they need that in this day and age!

As World News Politics Writes:

” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proven many times over that he has what it takes to replace Obama in November, he has shown presidential capacities and is standing up for Christian values, those very same values on which this great country was founded.”

According to Liberty Writers News:

” Look what he said on an exclusive interview with The Brody File. Donald Trump said that if he doesn’t win in November – “THIS WILL BE THE LAST ELECTION THAT THE REPUBLICANS HAVE A CHANCE OF WINNING,” TRUMP TOLD BRODY BACKSTAGE ON FRIDAY.

This is why we need Trump. He is the last hope.

Look why Trump thinks this is an election for the ages! “You’re going to have people flowing across the border, you’re going to have illegal immigrants coming in and they’re going to be legalized and they’re going to be able to vote and once that all happens you can forget it.”

I is high time that we cleanse the White House from the crooked and sleazy politicians and replace them with virtuous patriots.

Christians are going to support Trump in big numbers, they will be his army!

And America needs Trump and Pence!

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