She will be paid very well for taking the fall. She will receive a pardon, a slap on the wrist maybe and a future job in a kilnton charity. The other option was writing a suicide note that says “I alone am guilty” and committing suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head.

Breitbart is reporting:

” According to former Bill Clinton adviser Justin Cooper, whose recollections are cited in the bombshell FBI investigation notes dumped Friday, Abedin was actually the one who came up with the idea for Clinton to go to great lengths to set up a non-secure private server.

As noted by Paul Ryan adviser Michael Shapiro, Abedin had her own account, so how could she have possibly been in the dark about what was going on? “

So why would Abedin lie and open herself up to charges and further investigation? Is she just trying to cover her own tracks and try to clear her own name?

Breitbart continued:

” Abedin said under oath in the Judicial Watch civil case that Hillary Clinton used a private server to prevent personal emails from being accessible to Congress and other officials, acknowledging that she knew about the rogue off-the-books server system.”

When there’s so much on the record to prove that she knew, perhaps she was just losing track of what she said and didn’t say. What she admitted and what she’s already lied about.

Are those who were involved in the scandal just speaking when they shouldn’t? Are they just getting tongue tied and unintentionally spewing untruth because they’re frustrated?

Or can’t they keep track of what they’ve admitted to and what they’re still trying to hide?

Whatever the case, it looks as though Hillary isn’t in a rush to come to Huma’s defense. Doing so would certainly open herself up to further scrutiny and jeapordize her presidential ambitions. The two women might be BFFs, but Hillary would be more than happy to throw Huma under the bus if it guarantees an electoral victory.

And Huma, unlike Hillary, isn’t “too big to jail.”

Too late Hillary for somebody else to take the blame for you we already know who’s at fault and it’s you and you alone. They should be charged with aiding and abetting a criminal. And anyone else in government that helped cover up for you such as the FBI and Department of Justice.

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