Lake Wales elector pressured to change Donald Trump vote

Florida’s electoral college will head to Tallahassee Monday to cast the state’s 29 electoral votes for Donald Trump.


But for the last few weeks, electors have been under pressure to change their votes.

  • Kat Gates-Skipper has received 15,000 requests
  • She heads to Tallahassee Monday to cast electoral vote
  • Gates-Skipper said she’s following Florida law, supports Trump


At elector Kat Gates-Skipper’s Lake Wales home, the letters have been stacking up by the thousands.


“My mail lady said, ‘I think I need your autograph, you seem to be pretty popular all of a sudden,'” Skipper said with a laugh.


Skipper said Trump will do a wonderful job as president, but the people who wrote the letters think differently. They’ve called and texted, and sent letters and emails to try to get Skipper to change her vote.


Skipper said she’s received more than 15,000 requests.


“I even got postcards that said be a hero and vote for Ms. Clinton and I’m like, ‘I’m already a hero, I’m a Marine,'” Skipper said.


It’s part of a national effort to change the outcome of the election. But for Skipper, it’s just a waste of postage.


“I signed the oath for State of Florida and I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do,” Skipper said.


Florida law requires Skipper to vote for the winning candidate. She said she has no problem doing it.


On Monday she said she’s going to vote for Trump. Her hardest decision now is deciding which dress she’ll wear to his inauguration.

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