A simple yard sign just wasn’t enough for one Donald Trump supporter.

In a project that took about five hours to complete, 69-year-old Wally Maslowsky mowed a massive T-R-U-M-P into his lawn in Almont, Michigan.

Maslowsky, who retired from General Motors 10 years ago, told MLive that the “sign” measures 58,000 square feet on his 10-acre property.

He said he just did it to keep busy and to show his support for the Republican nominee, not to draw publicity.

“I guess when you’re retired you do stuff to keep busy,” Maslowsky said. “You either go sit by the TV and go nuts, or you go out and make work for yourself. It keeps you young.”

The massive display has gone viral in recent days after Maslowsky’s son took a drone video of it.

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