Man in court for sex with horse

A POLISH man has admitted having sex with a HORSE in a field, claiming he did
not know it was illegal in the UK.

Grzegorz Suliga said he romped with the brown nag because he was drunk.

But an astonished onlooker began taking snaps of the 39-year-old from his
conservatory which overlooked the field and alerted police.

Senior officers then used the picture to appeal for help in finding the
culprit and two weeks later found Suliga drunk in the same field surrounded
by horses.

JPs in Blackburn, Lancs, were told that Suliga was initially feeding the
horses but soon began “rubbing them in an affectionate manner”.

He then pulled down his trousers and had sex with the brown horse before
leaving the field.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said onlooker Albert Beckett was sitting in the
conservatory at the rear of his bungalow when he spotted Suliga in the

She said: “He watched the man approach a white horse and thought he might be
interfering with it but couldn’t be sure.

“He began photographing the male and at the same time rang the police.

“The man pulled up his trousers and walked off.”

Following an appeal, police were contacted by a member of the public who said
he had seen the defendant in the same field in Oswaldtwistle, Lancs.

Miss Allan added: “They found Suliga sitting in the field with the horses,
having a beer.”

“The police showed him the pictures from the first incident and he put his
head in his hands and started to cry.”

In interview, Suliga told officers he had had sex with the horse because he
was drunk.

He said he did not know it was against the law in the UK, although he was
aware that it was an offence in Germany where he used to live.

Suliga admitted having sex with the brown horse but denied romping with

Andrew Church-Taylor, defending, said Suliga had failed to turn up for his
first court date because he was too “embarrassed and ashamed”.

Mr Church-Taylor said: “He came to court but was too frightened to walk up the

Suliga will be sentenced next month.


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