While The Media Obsesses Over “Trump Tapes;” THIS Just Happened…


As the mainstream media and establishment Republicans have concerned themselves with an 11-year-old video of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, the national debt shot up to just under $19.7 trillion.

As Zero Hedge reported, the national debt rose $170 billion in just eight days, which means that as the media obsessed over Trump, the country dramatically plunged dramatically further into debt.


While Rome was burning, the media fiddled with the Trump tape and Obama fiddled on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton. The national debt crisis provided plenty of drama over the last eight days, but the media, Democrats and establishment Republicans provided the masses bread and circus.

Trump’s lewd comments do not and will not affect most Americans. What Obama has done to the economy has massively affected us all and will only get worse should Hillary Clinton be elected.

In just eight years, the national debt shot up from $10.6 trillion to $19.7 trillion under the abject failure that has been the Obama administration. During those eight years, the national debt went from 73% of the GDP to 105% today.


President Obama has tried to claim, despite the data, that the economy has improved under his administration. He cherry picks numbers that make it look as if this is the case, but dig just a little deeper and it’s clear just how bad things have gotten.

Obama likes to cite the unemployment number, for example, but leaves out the important fact that millions of Americans have totally dropped out of the work force and stopped looking for work.

People are struggling and many Americans know, based on first-hand experience, how bad the economy is, without even taking a look at a single number.

This is precisely why Obama’s declarations of success are so offensive. The everyday Americans that Clinton hates know the destruction Obama wreaked on the economy over the last eight years based on their own situation.

Americans have seen their salaries diminished, their benefits cut, and their hours slashed. Plenty more Americans are underemployed if they’re able to find a job at all.

The debt is a major concern, but the media would rather help Clinton and her ilk further their vision of an “unaware and compliant citizenry.”

As America burns, the mainstream media is consumed with lewd comments Trump made 11 years ago and the left’s hysterical attempts to dig up dirt on the Republican candidate.

A Clinton presidency would pour gas on the flames, which is exactly what the globalists want so that they can “fundamentally transform” America — by tearing it down and creating a new world order.

It’s happening, but the people are being distracted with salacious garbage in an attempt to knock down Trump — the candidate whose policies have a shot at turning the tide.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

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