Guess who is totally feeling herself these days? Yes! It’s
our favorite Nicki Minaj. Recently she took it to the
photo-sharing website Instagram to share a few mind bobbling
topless pictures. It was the best way in which Nicki Minaj
could have wished her fans on the occasion of Easter.

In the pictures, Nicki Minaj can be seen topless. She is just
wearing a single rope in the picture and is also hiding her
assets with the help of her hands. This is not the first time
Nicki Minaj is in the news for posting topless pictures. She
has had shared such pictures in the past too. Also at the
Paris Fashion Week, Nicki chose to go bare breast
Here, grab a glimpse at the jaw-dropping pictures.


Nicki has always broken barriers and done things that
have shocked the world.

Currently, she is busy with her video project ‘No
Frauds’ alongside Lil Wayne and Drake.
Frauds is a diss song opposite her competition Remy

Nicki and Remy Ma’s dispute was even associated with
Rihanna because of Drake.

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