John McCain’s daughter is grilling Hillary every time she can.

Her father is playing some games, but she is out there brave and strong and we love it!

According to Yes I’m Right:

” Let me just say, Meghan McCain, we are so glad you’re on our side. When it was shown that Hillary Clinton destroyed phones, PDAs, and laptops from her personal email server days, she continued the lies and deceit she’s perpetrated for her entire political career. Megan McCain had enough of her bulls**t and called her out on it instantly!


The FBI said in a bombshell report Friday that on at least two occasions, Hillary Clinton’s old cell phones were smashed with a hammer.
Summarizing its investigation into Clinton’s private email server, FBI agents said that an aide to Bill Clinton, Justin Cooper, recalled two instances where he destroyed Clinton’s old mobile phones by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.

On Outnumbered today, Charles Hurt said the Clintons are always complaining about right-wing conspiracies, but that the Clintons end up feeding the narrative by doing things like deleting emails and destroying phones with hammers.

Meghan McCain agreed, saying she was particularly flabbergasted by the about Clinton aides hammer-smashing Blackberries.
Hillary Clinton has a history of being a pathological liar. She said in the Commander in Chief forum that we didn’t lose a single American life in Libya. That’s a lie,

4 American heroes died because of her inaction. She also said she had never been trained on classified information when she said on TV that she had.

What kind of backwoods Mafia thing is this?! If somebody is destroying my cell phone with a hammer, there’s some really, really bad stuff on it. This person wants to be our president, “that is crazy!” she said.”

She is indeed crazy, Megan. We agree with you 100%.

Give it up Hillary, you are the worst thing that’s ever happened to this country. We all can see it.

Day by day, Hillary is going down, her character and souls are being revealed, she is over!

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