Role playing while texting is all fun games as long as it
doesn’t get too weird. It’s also fine when both parties are
enjoying it. But sometimes, it gets out of control. Better have
your safe word ready!

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1. When Your Mommy Wants The Good Old Days Back So Bad That
She Completely Erases Your Wedding From Her Mind. 

role playing texting


Or she mistook you for someone else. You know that could happen
as well.

2. I’ll Definitely Pass This Opportunity Up And Have No
Regrets About It. 

role playing textingvia

Women chase men like this guy away and then wonder why they
always get the a**hole.

3. When She Takes Her Naughty Student And Tricky Teacher
Role Playing Way Too Far. 

role playing textingvia

But the teacher is tricky in a different kind of way.
 What was she thinking while texting?

4. Nice Way To Prank Your Dad While Texting Him. Plus One
For This. 

role playing textingvia

Her role playing plus pranking game is A plus.

5. First She Engages You In A Role Playing Game. 

role playing textingvia

Then she crushes you with a pun. I like her.

6. Whoa Man! Save Some Women For Others Too! 

role playing textingvia

What a slayer!

7. Imagine You’re Texting Your Girlfriend And She Ruins It
Completely Like This. 

role playing textingvia

Either his role playing game is weak af or his girlfriend is a
total buzzkill.

8. Is This Role Playing Or Fantasizing About Anything

role playing textingvia

Texting can go 0 to 100 real quick.

9. “Pokemon, Gotta Catch ‘Em All. Its
You And Me. 
I Know It’s My Destiny…” 

role playing textingvia

You’ll either creep her hot or you’ll find your soul mate.
There’s no in between with this shit.

10. What’s Up With All These Hungry People Texting About
Food All The Time? 

role playing textingvia

At least share those nuggets with him you heartless b*tch!

11. Do You Know What 0 To Hundred Real Quick

role playing texting

Take a good look. This is a perfect example.

12. Stranger Got Rekt And Disconnected. 

role playing textingvia

Role playing texting gone nerdy.

13. This One’s For All The Nerds. Using Lightsabers And Shit
In Their Fantasies. 

role playing textingvia

She’s even texting like Yoda.

14. Just Get Shit Loads Of Rum And You’re Set. Rest Of Your
Role Playing As Filthy Pirates Would Be Completely

role playing textingvia

What will you use as cannons then.

15. I Like How She Flawlessly Goes Along With It
And Makes It Better. 

role playing texting

What a beautiful couple.

16. Looks Like The Song Director Thing Wasn’t Doing It For

role playing texting

Nice song title though.

17. You Have Children. Get Your Shit Together. 

role playing texting

That’s gotta hurt!

19. Autocorrect Has Became The Scapegoat Of The

role playing textingvia

Leave him alone! He just wants to help you type!

20. That’s What A Truck Would Say, 

role playing textingvia


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