The sexual misconduct of politicians, past and present, has been widely discussed over the last couple of days as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bounces back from the release of an audio tape from 2005 that caught him using foul language and bragging about inappropriately touching women.

While the Democrats, led by presidential contender Hillary Clinton, have used the tape to slam Trump as morally unfit to lead the country, they have seemingly forgotten about their beloved former president who wasn’t just talking about sexual misconduct but committing it.

In fact, even the typically liberal magazine Slate found that at least one rape allegation against former President Bill Clinton was credible — that of Juanita Broaddrick.

Broaddrick, who was in attendance at Sunday night’s presidential debate to support Trump, has accused the former president of raping her during his 1978 campaign for governor of Arkansas.

The attack allegedly took place at a Little Rock hotel where Broaddrick was staying for a convention for nursing home administrators.

However, it was Hillary Clinton’s response to the rape that is most relevant to the current presidential campaign, and the reason Broaddrick has been willing to relive what was most certainly a horrific time in her life.

Hillary Clinton — the future first lady and presidential contender — reportedly approached the rape victim and acted like it was “so nice” to meet the woman who had been “helping” her husband.

“I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate the things you do for him,” Clinton said, according to Broaddrick, who explained that she was “shell-shocked” about the conversation.

“And (Clinton) said, ‘Do you understand? Everything you do,’” Broaddrick told Breitbart.

In Broaddrick’s opinion, Clinton was slyly telling the woman that she knew about the rape and was trying to cover it up by convincing the victim not to report it.

Although Slate found the rape allegations against Clinton to be credible, the liberal outlet was less accepting of Broaddrick’s description of Hillary’s attempt to cover it up for her husband.

However, those of us who have been keeping up with the Clintons know that the Democrat presidential candidate has no issue with doing whatever is necessary to protect herself and her political aspirations.

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