Jason Momoa. The name itself has the potential of making you
all wet. Pardon me for the language, but he has got an immense
potential to steal your lady from you right away. Being
introduced as Khal Drogo to many of us in Game of Thrones, he
has given us the impression of a cruel, violent and yet loving
and soft human when we look at him from the exterior and in the
interior. The beard braid, the kohl on his eyes and the long
tail resembling the barbaric nature did not fail to generate
heat amongst the ladies and let’s not forget about his muscles
and that tall etiquette, shall we?

However, George RR Martin has given us a huge heart break by
killing him right away in the first season, and after that, we
all started anticipating for him to pop up again. It’s only
until the recent trailer release of Aquaman that we became
okay. The Aquaman has featured Jason Momoa as the lead, the
superhero and the trailer had shots of him, playing with the
water. I mean, imagine, Jason Momoa hot pictures and water.
What else do we need?

The minute we have laid eyes on Jason Momoa, the possible
reactions include drooling, fainting, having a mini heart
attack, calling 911, because of fuck it; he sure knows how to
drown you in the water, he’s been playing with. The actor has
become sexier in the DC’s awaited Aquaman flick and we all envy
Lisa Bonet for owning him. Don’t we? Well, well, what can we
do? So, here’s a way to celebrate him so that you can at least
get the satisfaction of having him for a while. We give you the
hottest pictures of Jason Momoa that can make your ovaries
scream and make you deliver the babies. Have a look!

  1. When he made playing with hair, legitimately

2. When he did a real- life Aquaman.

3. Oh, that smirk and the eyebrow raise.

Jason Momoa 03

4. Those expressions, I think I have an orgasm.

5. Look who has a short hair.

6. What does it take, to be the moon of his

7. Conan, the Barbarian of the hearts.

8.  Imagine his wet body for two hours

Jason Momoa 11

9. Look at them arms and legs.

10. Somebody knows how to party.

11.  Oh Boy! No.

12. I don’t mind. No, really.


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