Stop The Campaign, Elections Are Over, This Is The New Trump Ad, Hillary Will Cry Herself To Sleep Tonight!!!


God all mighty, this is PURE ART! America in 4 minutes video, we almost shit in our pants, we forget how great country this land can be if is ruled as it should!

If all Americans watched this Trump ad, the election would already be over by a landslide.

There are a lot of “fan-created” videos out there, and many are really good. This one here is really, REALLY good.

The Youtube version was taken down but we managed to find another version.

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The campaign videos are almost as movie trailers – powerful music, powerful words, powerful scenes, but not always is a fiction and fantasy, this time, this ad was pure reality, and in the same time was scary but also inspiring and hopeful.

We really think that this kind of video ads will help Trump a lot, polls are showing the first signs that his is back in the game and there is great chance that until November he can surpass Hillary on every national poll.

Trump and Pence should be in the White House, America needs them so that can be great again.

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