Swedish and British Nightclubs are both amazing places to
party, but with different cultures! So where would you go?
Sweden or Britain?

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about
nightclubs is music, at least that’s the first thing that comes
to my mind.

In Sweden, Avicii and Sweden House Mafia are an all
time favorite



differences between swedish and british nightclubs


While, Britain loves dancing to the tunes of trending
pop music and live DJs.

Sweden or Britainimage


Swedes are a little bit conscious about their health,
so you’ll find them eating foods like this in nightclubs

sweden or britainimage

The British don’t care about how fat they grow, French
fries and burgers are their favorites.

swden or britainimage

In Swedish nightclubs, you’ll see girls all decked up
and are always ready to kill you with that smirk. If I ever
turn out to be a lesbian, these girls would be the reason. So,
Sweden or Britain?

Sweden or Britain.image

British girls show up in their volley ball jerseys, all
dirty and muddy, like they just don’t care. And don’t we like
them for their “Oh, I don’t care what people think about me”
attitude?Hell, we love it!

Sweden or Brirainimage

The dance floors in Swedish nightclubs look something
like this. So beautiful. What a treat to the eyes, aren’t

Sweden or Britainimage

Although he is drunk and may have passed out, but to
see this British man dance like he doesn’t give a damn, is very
refreshing. Also, it looks like it’s very easy to get naked in
Britain, because nobody really cares about the clothes you
wear, or should I say the clothes you don’t wear!

Sweden or Britainimage

Dropped the idea of turning into a lesbian. Swedish men
are no less of a treat. With such attractive looks, these men
can get you drooling. Makes you want to go to Sweden,

Sweden or Britainimage

Just like our English ladies, these guys have returned
from a wrestling match. Britishers have this thing about
getting naked at clubs. It may be hard to distinguish between
strippers and the party animals because everybody here loves
taking their clothes off!

Sweden or Britainimage

Both Swedes and British are enthusiastic party goers, there is
a very big difference in their drinking patterns.

Swedes prefer drinking only during the weekends and
stay sober throughout the week. If a Swede drinks even one
glass of whisky on a weekday, he’d be getting weird looks from
his pals and they have already assumed him to be an alcoholic
in the near future.

Sweden or Britainimage

Britishers are born with a glass of beer in their
hands. Do I need to say more?

Sweden or Britainimage

Crazy differences, but we love the Swedish and British equally
for their sense of style and enthusiasm. Diversity in their
personalities makes them stand out! The only thing common
between the two is that their excitement for nightclubs is the


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