Love is a beautiful thing. Blessed are the couples who are able
to maintain their relationships for long periods of times. And
once they reach a certain point, they forge a bond like no
other because they’ve been together a long time. Here are a few
relatable traits of such relationships.

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1. Couples Who’ve Been Together For A Long Time Have An
Arsenal Of Inside Jokes Which Only They Can Laugh At. 

couples relatable, long time


And when they crack and laugh at them, the people around them
think they’re just crazy. Which makes it even more special.
Totally relatable right?

2. They Have Patented Their Own Super Secret Words And

couples relatable long time via

Because regular words have gotten boring and they don’t do
boring in their precious relationship.

3. They’re Always Looking For New Ways To Spice Things

couples relatable long time via

Not always bondage stuff but still.

4. Sometimes They Forget Just How Long They’ve Been
Tolerating I Mean Been With Each Other. 

couples relatable long time via

Yes, they do especially the guys. I know that forgetting dates
is quite relatable for them. After all, they’ve been together
for a long time.

5. This Is How They Talked When They First Met. 

couples relatable long time

Completely relatable and sweet right?

6. This Is How They Talk Now. More Or Less. 

couples relatable long time

Most couples will find this completely relatable.

7. You’ve Learned A Lot Of New Recipes Together.

couples relatable long time via

Couples who get to cook together are really enjoying their

8. You’re Not Always Jumping On Each Other Whenever
Something Romantic Comes On TV. 


Because sometimes, laziness takes over and consumes you and
that too, for a long time.

9. Things Like These Can Make Their Partner’s Day. They Will
Appreciate This Gesture More Than Anything. 

couples relatable long time

To be honest, it’s food, so anyone would appreciate it. Going
down their stomach that is.

10. You Can’t Remember How Much You’ve Fought.

couples relatable long time via

Countless battles have been fought and lost. Mostly by the men
because you know, women have a way of winning at everything and
most of the time guys let them win because they don’t want to
deal with their shit any longer than they already have.

11. They Used To Spoon Each Other To Sleep. Now They Just
Want To Sleep. 

couples relatable long time


Admit it. Nobody can sleep peacefully if they’re having another
person breathe down their neck or poking them with their boner.

12. They Don’t Care About Cracking A Huge Rat In Each
Other’s Company. 

couples relatable long time via

Long term couples just don’t care about that stuff.

13. They’re Always Being Asked This One Annoying Question:
“When are you getting married?” 

couples relatable long time via

Just chill out for f*cks sake!

14. There Have Been Times When They’ve Fought Over The

couples relatable long time


15. They Can Be Brutally Honest With Each Other Without Any

couples relatable long time via

Because they know bae’s gonna be there for them no matter what.

16. And The Most Important One. 

couples relatable long time via

They both know that fighting doesn’t mean breaking up.

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