Donald Trump

Donald Trump is leaving Hillary in the dust. She is gonna be coughing on his fumes and her pneumonia soon.

Donald Trump is heading to visit the city of Flint, and it’s water treatment plant. He is going to go right to the epicenter of the city’s water crisis.

*** You will not see this on the mainstream media.

The Trump campaign has not announced official plans for the visit but is going to use it to get more voters on board the Trump Train.


Let’s show them some love. They have been stuck in a third world situation since April 2014 when the Flint River water wasn’t treated with corrosion-controlling chemicals. Thanks, Obama!

If you remember, the river’s corrosive water leached into the city’s drinking water, and Donald Trump wants to go see the problem first hand so that he can fix it.

“They requested a tour, and we’re working to fulfill that,” said Kristin Moore, spokeswoman for Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, who publicly backs Democrat Hillary in the presidential race.

The Democrats are already insulting Trump, too. Which is funny… because they got their city into this mess.

Look what Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich said about Trump’s visit:

“The people of Flint, we need a lot more than photo ops,” Ananich said on behalf of Hillary Clinton. “We need resources to come to our community to replace the pipelines.”

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Let’s share it all over Facebook! Remember what happened in Louisiana when Trump showed up? Thousands of dollars in aide came to the flood-stricken Baton Rouge.

Help us share this on Facebook, patriots! We need to help Trump clean up Flint. It’s time to make America great again.

*** Can you hear that?

The Trump landslide is coming. Share the good news, patriots! (h/t Detroit News)

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