Republican candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally on Wednesday at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida.

The doors opened at 4 P.m., but look what happened. 12,000 people signed up to attend the rally!

The crowd goes wild, and starts saying “LOCK HER UP.” Donald Trump says that “Obama founded ISIS”


This is the truth. Obama has led to the destruction of this country at the hands of radical terrorists.

This is how you know that the polls are crooked against Trump. They always talk about how Hillary is ahead, but we know that’s not the truth. Check this out. Trump is killing them.

This is why Trump is going to win. He gets 12,000 people to show up to an event. Hillary cannot even get enough people to show up to a highschool gym.

*** We will vote Trump as the President of the United States.

Here’s how we will show America that we want Trump.

  1. Comment “I BACK TRUMP” in the comments.
  2. Share this article with 3 friends that back Trump.

Let’s see if we can get a million comments on this article. I want you all to break my site with comments, patriots.

Thank you for your help. Let’s show all of America that Trump is going to change America for the better. This is why we vote Trump. Share this if you agree.

Thanks for reading, y’all, and thanks for supporting Trump.


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