Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been trying to attack Republican nominee Donald Trump in recent weeks as a sexist, racist pig who hates women and families and will destroy America.

Trump has fought back on Twitter and at rallies, but perhaps his most effective retort to Clinton’s onslaught of insults was a recently released ad highlighting how Trump will help families and small businesses across America if he is elected.

The ad presented some of Trump’s economic proposals, such as a 20 percent tax rate reduction for families who make $60,000 a year.

“Working moms, (under the Trump plan) you get paid maternity leave and an average $5,000 childcare tax reduction,” the ad explained.

The ad also highlighted Trump’s proposal to slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, allowing businesses to create new jobs and help stimulate the economy.

This was arguably one of Trump’s most effective ads to date because it clearly defined the Trump policies that likely would appeal to working-class Americans and women — groups that Clinton has insisted Trump won’t win over.

You can watch the full ad here:

By laying out his plans in such a clear and straightforward way, Trump was able to communicate with millions of Americans who don’t have time to read his economic proposals in their entirety.

Clinton will hate this advertisement because Trump showed how he has strong policy proposals in areas that Clinton has insisted he knows nothing about. Just hearing the words “tax reduction” or “paid maternity leave” may be enough to cause some people to question whether Trump really is as bad as Clinton has been saying he is.

If Trump can communicate his policies this clearly and concisely during the presidential debate on Sunday, he can win over millions of Americans and defeat Clinton in November.

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