Throughout the election cycle, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has attacked Republican rival Donald Trump for his allegedly “racist” statements.

However Clinton herself espoused many of the policies that Trump is in favor of during her very long political career. A video uploaded to YouTube by “Prissy Holly” showed how Clinton has made statements almost identical to Trump’s over the past decades.

“We do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country,” Clinton said in 1993.

“We have to stop the flow of illegals coming into our country,” Trump said in a campaign ad.

See the similarities? Apparently Clinton’s supporters don’t.

If Democrats really think that what Trump has been saying is racist then they have no business coming out to vote for Clinton because she has said very similar things over the years.

“The Mexican government’s policies are pushing migration north,” Clinton said in 2006. That’s very similar to Trump’s repeated comments that the Mexican government is “much smarter” than our own government and is sending bad people into America.

Perhaps the best comparison of all involves deporting criminals.

“If they’ve committed transgressions of whatever kind, obviously they should be deported,” Clinton said in 2006.

Trump has constantly stressed that the criminal illegals will be the first to be deported, which has been met with cries of racism from Clinton and her supporters.

Watch the comparison here:

Clinton really has no business criticizing Trump for remarks that she made only a few years ago. Her supporters need to see this video if they think that somehow she is a “less racist” option than Donald Trump.

Clinton will say and do anything to get elected. She’s proven that so many times that it’s hard to fathom that there’s anyone still unaware of it.

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