VIDEO: Pro-Trump Trucker Modifies Rig, Floors Motorists Everywhere He Goes


Fans of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump have gone to great lengths to show their support for the nominee with all kinds of T-shirts, signs and flags.

But Lackawanna County businessman Bob Bolus was just not just any Trump supporter — he wanted to make a huge statement about how he felt about Trump, so he decked out an 18-wheeler into what could only be considered a huge, mobile billboard for Trump.

The trailer of the truck was emblazoned with images of the Trump, along with American flags and Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” The truck was also covered in phrases like “Build the Wall” and “All Lives Matter.”

Trump posted a video of the truck when it rolled through Manhattan earlier this year:

Bolus told CNN in an interview that he believed Trump could take Pennsylvania, and if he takes that state, he could easily take more, almost certainly securing a win in November.

Bolus said he supported Trump because he believed in America, and added that he thought Democrat rival Hillary Clinton was a lair. He certainly nailed that one.

Check out Bolus’ interview with CNN:

Bolus wasn’t the only supporter who had worked hard to show support for Trump in a unique way. One driver decked out a Lamborghini Aventador with Trump images and slogans and then parked the car in front of the White house for a few hours.

Other fans have even bigger ideas for voicing how they feel about Trump. Someone even went through the trouble of spelling out “Trump” in a field which can be seen from airplanes and on Google Earth.

Trump has certainly ignited his supporters in the past year, which is more than Clinton has done.

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