WATCH – Donald Trump speech at Carrier plant


Donald Trump at Carrier plant says companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences, but Carrier is still sending as many as 1,300 jobs to Mexico.



“I was talking about Carrier like all other companies from here on in, because they made the decision a year and a half ago.”


Trump said he got involved because “this has been a very special state for us.”


Trump said he called Greg Hayes, the president of Carrier’s parent corporation. Trump spoke about the loss of manufacturing jobs in the rust belt and told Hayes he had to do something.


“It’s wonderful to win.”


Trump said Greg was “incredible.” United Technologies “stepped it up.”


Trump told Carrier officials “so many people are going to be buying Carrier air conditioners.” It should be noted they make furnaces in Indianapolis, not air conditioners.

Trump said Carrier’s Indianapolis employment is going to “go up substantially” from 1,100. It’s currently at 1,400. The Wall Street Journal is reporting 800 employees will be retained whose jobs were to be cut.

Trump: “Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. Not gonna happen.”

Trump spoke of lowering business taxes and cutting regulations.

“These great leaders of industry and small business people were being crushed.”


Trump: we like Mexico. He called its president, Enrique Peña Nieto, terrific guy. But Trump said the United States is not getting a fair shake. He called The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) a one-way street.


Trump reiterated his stance that the United States is going to build a wall on its southern border. He said people can come through legally, on worker permits.


Trump said United Tech has “stepped up” and spent so much money on renovating this plant.


Trump on Carrier workers: They’re so happy. They’re going to have a great Christmas.


Trump says it’s presidential to call business leaders.


“Leaving the country is going to be very, very difficult.”


Trump never disclosed terms of the deal in his speech.

UPDATE 2:59 PM: 

Chelsea Schneider

Gov. Pence, the vice president elect, said it’s “great to be back home again in Indiana. And this is a great day for Indiana.”

He said it’s a great day for working people all across the United States. Since the 1950s, he said, Carrier has been part of a manufacturing success story.

Pence says Carrier will “stay and grow” in Indiana. He thanks President-elect Donald Trump. He said Trump picked up the phone and “talked one American to another.”

Pence said Trump made the case for America, and Carrier decided to bet on a brighter future for the American people.

Pence said Trump kept his word to keep Carrier in Indy.

“It’s a renewed day for manufacturing in America.”

Pence said policies coming out of nation’s capitol were driving jobs out of country. “What was missing was leadership” and change, he said.

What a difference a year makes, Pence said, the truth be told, job announcements are almost a daily thing here in state of Indiana.

Pence never discussed terms of the deal in his speech.


Chelsea Schneider

CEO of United Technologies Greg Hayes is welcoming Trump and Pence. He thanked Carrier workers for their “dedication/loyalty.”

Hayes said tax reform is a thoughtful approach to regulation, giving confidence for the future of manufacturing. He said United Technologies will invest $16 million in the facility and looks “forward to this facility continuing to deliver industry-leading products.”



Maureen Groppe via the press pool.


Walking and talking on a royal blue industrial concrete floor at the Carrier plant with United Technologies CEO Greg Hayes, PEOTUS Trump, with VP-elect Pence by his side, came towards the pool under crisscrossing green and red pipes. Pence pointed and gave a thumbs up to the workers. Not to be outdone the president-elect twice did the same thing, extending his arm and saying hello, ending with a thumbs up.


With signs that said “blower,” “burner box,” and “gas valve” above Trump, Bloomberg’s Kevin Cirilli asked him what he thought about the deal with Carrier. “I think it’s great,” Trump said.


Trump walked to separate worker stations to speak to workers out of earshot of the pool and was greeted by a man taking a cell phone video with an American flag “Make America Great Again” hat.


The pool stopped in front of a Carrier worker on an assembly line who said she was adding pressure switches to furnaces.

Trump came towards the assembly line and said hello to a different employee, an African-American woman, greeting her and touching her arm. Pence said hello to her too. She brandished a navy Make America Great Again Hat and they posed for photos, as she flashed a huge smile and gave a thumbs up.

Trump then walked over to the assembly line, touching some of the machinery and saying “wow.”

PEOTUS then looked up to the pool and said, “Exciting, very exciting. Over 1,100 jobs,” signifying that he had learned the the figure from United Technologies CEO Greg Hayes.

Next Trump spoke to a Hispanic employee named Mario, but not before shaking the hand of a black employee in a teal and gray White sox hat.

The plant was loud so your pooler couldn’t hear their conversation but Trump squeezed Mario’s shoulder and turning towards the pool said “they’re going to have a good Christmas.”

Trump then went rogue — instead of turning right towards the press conference he turned left for a detour to say hello to a crowd of workers who had amassed behind a barrier and cheered him. Trump walked up to them and shook their hands as they cheered and took pictures of him.

At the press conference United Technologies CEO Greg Hayes reiterated that Trump was saving 1,100 jobs. He introduced Mike Pence who thanked Trump “for picking up the phone, for keeping his word” on the Carrier deal. Next report will have more from Trump.


Trump, Pence and Indiana’s governor-elect Eric Holcolmb are touring the Carrier facility.


Maureen Groppe

Tump’s remarks after his tour of Carrier are set to last approximately 15 minutes.

Pence will speak before Trump and the first speaker is expected to be CEO of United Technologies Greg Hayes, the parent company of Carrier.


Fox 59 is reporting that President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence have landed at Indianapolis International Airport. The motorcade is moving toward Carrier.


Robert King

Just a mile from the Carrier facility, where Rexnord Corp. is planning to send 300 jobs to Mexico early next year, the news of the reprieve is bittersweet.

Rexnord employees and Carrier workers are members of the same union, United Steelworkers Local 1999. Rexnord workers have stood alongside Carrier workers at protests. They were elated when word came that 1,000 Carrier jobs would be saved. And it stirred hope that perhaps the moment was right to make the case for their own jobs. But it is an admitted longshot that lightning could strike twice.

“Is there hope?” asked John Feltner, a Rexnord machinist. “There’s always hope. But, in reality, our jobs are gone.”

Just in case, Rexnord workers planned to line the motorcade root to show themselves to the president-elect and make their case known.


Carrier officials released a statement when asked whether a report they had been offered a $7 million tax break over 10 years was accurate.

“The state of Indiana has offered Carrier a $7 million package over multiple years, contingent upon factors including employment, job retention and capital investment.”

UPDATE 11:52 AM:

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Indiana officials have agreed to give United Technologies $7 million in tax breaks over a decade.

United Technologies will invest roughly $16 million in its Indiana facilities, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The deal would save 800 jobs from the Indianapolis furnace plant and 300 research and development positions that were not going to go to Mexico, the Wall Street Journal reported.



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