WATCH: Miss Universe Manager Comes Forward With Shock Trump Claim for Media


A former manager for the Miss Universe pageant has released a video message in defense of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who this week came under fire from a bevy of women claiming he sexually harassed or assaulted them in decades past.

“I’m coming forward to tell you that these accusations are wrong — they’re false,” the unnamed woman stated. “These young ladies trusted me. If ever there was a time that Mr. Trump had done anything inappropriate, they would have come to me before they would have even gone to their parents.”

“So I’m here to tell you that those things you’re hearing on television … that’s wrong,” she added. “It’s very wrong.”

You can watch her statement here:

The former manager’s claims stood in stark opposition to claims made by four former Miss Teen USA pageant contestants, who earlier in the week told BuzzFeed that Trump used to walk into their dressing rooms and say, “Don’t worry, ladies — I’ve seen it all before.”

However, the manager’s claims did align perfectly with the litany of counter-claims that have been issued by women alleging Trump never once caused them any undue trouble — including the claim by former Miss Wisconsin USA Melissa Young, who told Fox Business Network that Trump had “never, ever” acted like anything but a gentleman with her, even in “private” moments.

You can see her statement here:

Also included among the women defending Trump were former Miss Teen USA Katie Blair and at least 11 of her co-contestants, all of whom stated that Trump had never once entered their dressing rooms.

In continuing her statement, the former Miss Universe manager added that Trump was a “true gentleman,” and nothing like the monster the media wanted American voters to believe him to be.

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