[WATCH]: Trump Posts Uncovered Video… Could Make Kaine VERY Nervous


Democrat vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is no doubt proud to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, but it appears that in the past, supporting her wasn’t the best choice for his political career — and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has unearthed a related video that could make the governor a little nervous.

In 2005, when Kaine ran for governor of Virginia, he was asked during a gubernatorial debate if he would back Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid.

“Wow,” Kaine joked. “Why did you guys invite him to moderate this thing?” He then tried to change the subject by praising then-Gov. Mark Warner.

He might have thought it was artful dodge, but it didn’t go unnoticed by moderator Tim Russert, who pressed the issue again.

“I’m a team player, I’m a team player,” Kaine reluctantly said. “If my team decides that Hillary Clinton is the right person, you’ll see me working for my team because I want America to be strong and I believe that we are on the right path right now as Democrats in building a strong America.”

It’s good to know that Kaine is all in for the Democrat Party.

Watch a clip from the debate below:

Not exactly an enthusiastic endorsement. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing.

However, that’s not surprising, considering the number of embarrassing moments the Clinton campaign has experienced and how many of them are linked to Kaine. Kaine has seemingly contradicted Clinton on more than one issue. He has also proven that, left to his own devices, he could be dangerous in his own right in more ways than one.

This video probably put Clinton in a sour mood, but one thing’s for certain — Trump’s got to be loving it.

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